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Is Your Detour


We are a full-service mobile coffee shop serving 

locally roasted coffee & espresso and hand-crafted 

beverages throughout  Charlotte.  


Established in 2019 by a former bookstore barista with a passion for people, community, (audiobooks) and coffee.



covid-19 response

We are fortunate to be an Essential business and in a position to serve you.  
Among the many changes we are shifting our services to Residences instead of Schools & Offices

Please reach out to learn if we are able to serve right in your community!   We are contactless, take-out and mobile pay ready

please let us know how we can best

Curb Serve You!

We are people & community focused and strive to cater to your individual or group needs:  

Employee Appreciation?  Church or Family function? Youth athletics? Wedding party?  Divorce party?  

Then take the Detour! 

Take your time, look around and let's connect

contact us!

Booking? Feedback? We'd love to hear from you!

Find Your Detour

Follow D'nice, our sleek coffee truck, on social media and keep checking our calendar & events schedule to see when we're in your area.

We can't wait to see you! 

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Detour Coffeebar


Our Partners

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